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TFS2012 export format


Test cases exported from TFS2012 instances no longer place the steps in individual cells, and are currently bracketed in XML and HTML markup; a sample is shown below (truncated for brevity):

<steps id="0" last="6"><step id="1" type="ValidateStep"><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><P>User logged into the XXX account</P></DIV></parameterizedString><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><P>User is able to login to the XXX system and account</P></DIV></parameterizedString><description></description></step><step id="2" type="ValidateStep"><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><P>User navigated to the <SPAN>messaging tab</SPAN></P><P /></DIV></parameterizedString><parameterizedString isformatted="true"><DIV><P>User is able to navigate to the Messaging Tab</P></DIV></parameterizedString><description></description></step></steps>


daria_l wrote Jan 5, 2014 at 11:23 PM

I also have the same problem. Here is the python-script solving formating problem
Put the resulted excel-file with the wrong "steps" column to the folder with the script, check if the name of the input excel-file correspond to that in the script and run it.